1. This symbol represents a single blade from a wind turbine (most modern wind turbines have three blades), which are designed to "catch" wind currents that drive the rotation of the wind turbine.
  2. The dual triangles are a reference to symbols used in meteorology and weather forecasting, known as wind barbs. A single triangle represents a wind speed of 50 knots (90 kilometres per hour). In the logo, there is a symbolic representation of a 100 knot (strong) wind speed.

    When combined, the outermost edges of the two triangles also form the image of a powerbolt - a commonly associated symbol of electricity.
  3. The parallel line gap between to the two primary symbols of the wind barbs and the turbine blade represents the province of Saskatchewan and its people.

Combined, these three elements of the logo combine to represent a symbol of the people of Saskatchewan harnessing their world-class wind resource to supply renewable power to the province of Saskatchewan.