SaskPower's solar energy fact-sheet states that solar is "very expensive" and also says that solar "is best suited for small scale applications".

Included in this post is only one piece of evidence which demonstrates how wildly inaccurate and misleading both of those statements are. Yes - you guessed it - this is going to be a short one!

Two days ago the Economist magazine (not exactly a bastion of left-leaning eco-think) published an article (Renewable Energy: Not a toy) which showed a precipitous decline in solar energy costs, and an equally precipitous rise in new investment in renewables. It noted "Even if the tax credit is cut, as expected, solar electricity could displace 9.7 percent of American retail electricity sales by 2019".


                           Source: The Economist - Renewable Energy; Not a Toy. 11-Apr-2015


In fact the shift is already happening: last year more than 30 percent of all newly installed generation capacity was solar. Include wind and the total rises to more than 50 percent. 


Source: FERC - Office of Energy Projects: Energy Infrastructure Update (January 2015). The C three group. Bloomberg New Energy Finance/BCSE Sustainable Energy in America: 2015 Factbook.


We continue to ask SaskPower to correct the misleading, dated and inaccurate material on its web site concerning both wind and solar energy. SaskPower continues to ignore us. Disappointing: one would expect greater empathy with the public from a Crown-owned entity. One might also expect greater concern from that Crown about the future direction of power generation technology.


AuthorJames Glennie