What's with the ostrich?

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Every month the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) publishes national data on electricity generation by different sources. Yesterday EIA released data for June - of particular interest is generation from solar. That information, from January 2007 through to June 2015, is produced below in conjunction with data for Saskatchewan's TOTAL electricity generation (from all sources) over the same period; 


Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration - Electric Power Monthly. SaskPower Annual Report.

After 8 years with an average solar growth rate in excess of 60 percent each year, US solar energy now generates more electricity (22,834 gigawatt hours) every year than TOTAL  electricity generated in Saskatchewan each year (21,479 gigawatt hours in 2014). 

This rapid growth has been due mainly to solar's great and rapidly improving economics

Saskatchewan, of all provinces in Canada, should be paying attention since we have the best solar resource in the country and one of the best in North America. 

Nonetheless SaskPower still insists that solar is 'small scale' as per the following (taken from their solar 'fact' sheet)

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AuthorJames Glennie