Environment Minister Catherine McKenna speaking in Paris in 2015

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna speaking in Paris in 2015

Well - that's it folks! I have now started my new position in Chicago where I am really excited to be part of an awesome team, under the Danish Government, focused on applying Danish know-how to the rapidly developing North American offshore wind supply chain. It is an enormous pleasure to finally be working with a government that truly believes in the economic, employment and environmental potential of wind energy.

Before leaving, and since I have invested five years and considerable funds in the SaskWind initiative, I have taken some time to write to Minister McKenna. The purpose of the letter is to flag three of the most notable instances of the institutional resistance we have faced over the last five years.
Institutional resistance, especially that from the hydrocarbon industry, is terribly tricky to identify and eliminate - not least of the reasons being because it is so well financed and so deeply embedded.

One of my reasons for writing this letter to the Minister is that I hope it provides her with some specific ammunition as she works to root out that resistance as part of the process of meeting the ambitious Greenhouse Gas emission reduction targets which Canada assumed when her Government ratified the Paris Agreement last year.

I hope the Minister finds this material useful and also chooses to respond. If she does, I will of course share that response with you. In the interim: here is my letter;

Letter to Minister McKenna re institutional resistance to GHG solutions



I will leave this web-site up for the foreseeable future since a number of people have said it's a useful reference.
If you need to get a hold of me: I can always be reached at james.glennie@gmail.com 

Best wishes and thank you all for an awesome journey over the last five years. Together we achieved an enormous amount: for that I am immensely proud and also very grateful to all of you.