The annual BP Statistical Review of World Energy, released today, is the world's most authoritative and referenced data source on energy production and usage. It includes most of the countries of the world (but not North Korea in case you're wondering).

As a result what the review has to say about wind and solar is important. What it has to say about Canada this year is especially so - because Canadian electricity generation from wind and solar more than doubled;

So what happened?  

Previous Reviews were clearly way off: for instance Alberta and Ontario, with less than half of Canada's installed wind capacity at the end of 2014, reported 10 TWh of wind generation over the year as compared with 11.3 TWh reported for the entire country over the same period by StatCan (& hence by BP which relies on StatCan). 

No guesses as to why StatCan was previously under-reporting wind and solar output (Hint: one more component in ex-PM Harper's strategy of discrediting anything non oil & gas). Fortunately the Liberals have a slightly more balanced approach to electricity statistics: StatCan earlier this year reported changes to their monthly electricity reporting. 

One small step for the global wind industry; but a nice one for us Canadians.