Canadian & U.S. Investment in Wind Energy. 2006 to 2015


This shows total investment in installed wind capacity through time. 


Source: Canadian & American Wind Energy Associations; US Department of Energy Wind Technologies Market Report.


Wondering how  many people all that capital was employing? Turns out it's more than the US coal industry.

The American Wind Energy Association press release, with details on 2015 wind capital expenditures, notes the U.S has;

added $13 billion a year on average to the American economy over the past five years and that’s more money each year than the annual revenue generated by Major League Baseball.

Over the period the average annual growth in capital installed, in both US and Canadian wind projects, was an impressive 25.8 percent. However Canada outperformed the US with annual growth of 27.7 percent vs. 25.6 percent for the US.


A word on calculation methodology


The total installed capacity is relatively simple to ascertain and is sourced from both the Canadian and American Wind Energy Associations.  To calculate total capital invested we multiplied the 'Installed Project Cost per Megawatt' from the US DOE Wind Technologies Market Report (for the relevant year) by the new capacity installed in that year. In the absence of the 2015 version of that report, the 2015 wind capital cost data is taken from a 25-Feb AWEA press release.  

For a variety of reasons Canadian costs tend to be slightly higher than in the US. This difference is nonetheless not significant and as a result we have applied US turbine cost data to Canada .