Wind energy is cost competitive and prices continue to fall. Wind energy is directly competitive with natural gas generation and is significantly cheaper than coal and nuclear. It is also cheaper than any other form of renewable power: hydro electricity, solar, deep geothermal and biomass. The financial attractiveness of wind is further confirmed by US government studies that compare the relative economics of different methods of generating electricity. In addition to the absolute price of wind: it is also impressive to consider that the cost of wind has declined by about 95 percent in the last 35 years.

Wind is growing rapidly around the world. We know that wind makes great financial sense because wind energy is growing rapidly across North America and globally. One of the largest investors in wind energy in the US is Warren Buffett: and he's generally not a dummy when it comes to good investment opportunities.

Saskatchewan's world-class wind resource. The icing on the cake is that Saskatchewan has one of the best wind resources of any jurisdiction in North America

But... Despite our world class wind potential, Saskatchewan is currently one of the lowest users of wind energy in Canada. Seven Canadian provinces already generate more of their electricity from  wind than Saskatchewan. All have plans for continued growth of wind energy - Saskatchewan does not.

Wind energy generated 4.1 percent of US electricity in 2013 (the most recent full year for which data is available). Saskatchewan compares poorly at 2.8 percent. 21 US states are ahead of us: and wind energy is growing fast - more than a third of all new generation capacity installed in the US in the last five years has been wind.

AuthorJames Glennie