Miscellaneous documents

30-Nov-2016. SK & 13 leading wind states: to Sep 2016
30-Nov-2016. SK & 15 leading wind/solar states: to Sep 2016
29-Nov-2016. UK electricity. 2000-2016
28-Nov-2016. US Mid century energy strategy. CCS vs wind/solar
28-Nov-2016. SK & US 5 leading wind states
28-Nov-2016. FT quote re cost of wind vs coal
21-Nov-2016. US solar. Top 10 states vs Sask. 12 months to end August
21-Nov-2016. US generation by fuel: 1950-2015
15-Nov-2016. GWEC wind forecasts to 2030, 3040, & 2050
14-Nov-2016. Top US wind states. Change in market share: 2015 to end Aug 2016
26-Oct-2016. SK-US Wind-Solar states. Top 15 12M to Aug 2016
26-Oct-2016. National Energy Board - 2040 gen capacity forecast
17-Oct-2016. Insightrix Carbon tax survey
03-Oct-2016. Top 5 US wind states (+Sask). Monthly wind 2007-2015 
2-Oct-2016. McKinsey Global GHG cost abatement curve (2010)
22-Sep-2016. Top 12 US wind states. L12M to end June 2016
1-Aug-2016. US generation by fuel since 2007
28-Jul-2016. SK, US & leading states. Wind % change. 2006-2015
27-Jul-2016. US Gen Cap additions: 2011 to 2016
19-Jul-2016. Letter to StarPhoenix re UofS grid studies/Professor Chung
17-Jul-2016. 12mo to end April 2016. Leading US states + SK
26-Jun-2016. Global capital invested in wind, solar and CCS
22-Jun-2016. Kansas - L12 months generation from wind
21-Jun-2016. California & leading US wind & solar states. To Feb 2016
21-Jun-2016. Nebraska - L12 months generation from wind
17-Jun-2016. SaskWind response to MinEnv wind guidelines consultation
14-June-2016. North Dakota 12 months wind average - L 2 years
7-June-2016. Kansas rolling 12 months wind data - L12 months
6-June-2016. Iowa monthly % electricity from wind. Last 12 months
5-Jun-2016. US % electricity from wind 2007-2016
30-May-2016. US electricity by type. 2007-2016
24-May-2016. Lazard 2015 LCOE Wind & Solar
23-May-2016. IEA CCS report. Excess BD3 costs passed on to SK ratepayers
23-May-2016. IEA CCS China report. Quote re costs
18-May-2016. SK vs USA wind by state
6-May-2016-City of Saskatoon SCW rejection - SCW response
5-May-2016. US installed generation capacity by fuel. Mar-2016
3-May-2016. US use of renewables. Jan-2007 to Feb-2016
25-Apr-2016. US annual solar installations. 2000-2015
21-Apr-2016. Solar - global total installed capacity 2000-2015
11-Apr-2016. Leading GHG reducing countries
31-Mar-2016. Sask generation from renewables
31-Mar-2016. Solar as % US generation
21-Feb-2016. Leader Post response. Coal
17-Jan-2016. FT CCS Running Out of Steam
5-Jan-2016. Martin Boucher event at USask-SENS. Flyer
15-Dec-2015. JG SaskWind response to LeaderPost re CCS by B Johnstone
30-Nov-2015. JG SaskWind response to Leader Post & Star Phoenix Whitaker OpEd
26-Nov-2015. JG OpEd submission respond to Star Phoenix Les MacPherson article
8-Nov-2015. Letter to Carolyn Preston re Leader Post article