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#95 (and last!). 9 December 2017. Final communication to the Minister which brings SaskWind to a close. But the lessons live on and the change so many of us hoped to achieve, when we started in 2012, is now well underway. Hurrah and congratulations to all.
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#94. 14-Apr-2017. A letter to the Federal Environment Minister which flags the three most egregious instances of institutional resistance we have faced over the last five years. I highlight these examples in the hope that Minister McKenna is able to use this material to take action which will, ultimately, assist in meeting Canada's ambitious Greenhouse Gas reduction targets. 
#93. 12-Apr-2017. SaskWind responds to letter from Saskatchewan auditor re BD3CCS audit
#92. 22-Mar-2017. BD3CCS Audit request to Canadian Auditor General
#91. 4-Dec-2016. SaskWind ceases operations
#90. 22-Nov-2016. Federal coal phase-out: what does it mean for Saskatchewan?
#89. 20-Nov-2016. Employment: Swift Current Gas vs. Wind (Spoiler: wind is the clear winner)
#88. 16-Nov-2016. More gas generation needed before more wind? Evidence is lacking
#87. 12-Nov-2016. Trump giving you wind? Actually, he just might..
#86. 4-Nov-2016. SaskWind requests federal environmental assessment of SaskPower's Swift Current gas plant
#85. 3-Nov-2016. SaskWind Audit request re Boundary Dam Carbon Capture scheme
#84. 28-Oct-2016. Letter to Auditor: Inconsistent SaskPower process for assessing new generation
#83. 18-Oct-2016. Premier Wall's carbon/climate plan. Whistling in the wind?
#82. 5-Oct-2016. Our energy debate requires a change of tone (on BOTH sides)
#81. 3-Oct-2016. PM Trudeau announces a federal carbon tax. How much and what does it mean?
#80. 24-Sep-2016. Is major coal dependency a valid excuse for low wind uptake? No! 
#79. 17-Sep-2016. Summer summary of wind, renewables and climate news
#78. 3-Aug-2016. Wind, at a seasonal level, is significantly more reliable than hydro
#77. 19-July-2016. GE: Canada wind study - 35% electricity from wind economically & technically feasible
#76. 14-June-2016. Parliamentary Budget Office report finds CCS doubles the cost of electricity 
#75 8-June-2016. BP Statistical Review: Canadian wind and solar doubles
#74 31-May-2016. US Renewables employs more than nuclear, oil, gas & coal combined
#73 23-May-2016. The Throne Speech, Clean Energy and Climate Change
#72 18-May-2016. Ministry of Environment releases draft wind turbine siting guidelines
#71 8-May-2016. GHG Emissions: Saskatchewan dead last on multiple metrics
#70 1-May-2016. SaskPower's (surprising) new 2030 GHG target
#69 25-Apr-2016. SaskPower's 2030 renewable goals converted to annual installation targets
#68 7-Apr-2016. SaskPower's Transmission Tariffs, FERC & NAFTA
#67 29-Mar-2016. US Wind & Solar capacity now surpasses nuclear
#66 23-Mar-2016. Republic of Ireland: 24% 2015 electricity from wind
#65 2-Mar-2016. Global wind/solar investment versus CCS
#64 29-Feb-2016. California now generates 8.8% of electricity from solar
#63  24-Feb-2016. SK 2030 wind: how much investment for which business sectors?
#62  23-Feb-2016. US 2015 new generation: solar seizes #2 slot from natural gas
#61  14-Feb-2016. Dreaming no more. California solar now employs more than the entire US coal mining industry
#60  12-Feb-2016. Wind and solar developers want your land: what you need to know before signing
#59  28-Jan-2016. World's first cathedral with solar-pv stained glass is right here in Saskatchewan
#58  19-Jan-2016. Saskatchewan's first grid connected wind turbine
#57  16-Jan-2016. The carbon and energy payback of a wind turbine
#56  24-Dec-2015. 2015: that was the year that was. And a look ahead to 2016
#55  22-Dec-2015. SaskPower coal purchase contracts for 118 million tonnes. What they say about the future of CCS
#54  13-Dec-2015. The Paris Agreement and what it means for Saskatchewan electricity
#53  24-Nov-2015. 2030 renewables target: Saskatchewan compared with Alberta
#52  23-Nov-2015. The real opportunity in SaskPower's target of 50% renewables by 2030
#51  22-Nov-2015. Premier Wall "50% renewables by 2030". Say what??
#50  8-Nov-2015. So how much Carbon does Boundary Dam really sequester?
#49  2-Nov-2015. Boundary Dam discord - just getting warmed up
#48  27-Oct-2015. SaskPower on Boundary Dam economics
#47  21-Oct-2015. Inflexible coal baseload restricts wind use? Ahem...actually it doesn't
#46  1-Oct-2015. Happy Birthday Boundary Dam (and what we learned in your first year)
#45  29-Sep-2015. Response to Star Phoenix editorial in praise of CCS
#44  27-Sep-2015. US States: record monthly wind and solar generation - 42%
#43  27-Sep-2015. Finding the mix (that you want): Generation technologies in Canada
#42  20-Sep-2015. The enduring lobby power of fossil fuels
#41  20-Sep-2015. SaskPower's first Boundary Dam CCS report (+ two others). Is this a 'mea culpa'?
#40  8-Sep-2015. SaskPower's Power to Grow campaign: misleading clap-trap
#39  2-Sep-2015. What is the new Canadian Energy Strategy all about?
#38  28-Aug-2015. US solar now generates more electricity than all of Saskatchewan
#37  24-Aug-2015. SaskPower's latest rate hike and what it's really all about
#36  20-Aug-2015. Correcting the errors: Carly Fiorina interview with Katie Couric on renewables and climate
#35  10-Aug-2015. It's official: more people now employed in US wind industry than coal mining (include solar and it's 3X more)
#34  28-Jul-2015. Renewables dominate global generation capacity additions
#33  23-Jul-2015. Why Premier Wall is the oil and gas industry's worst enemy
#32  18-Jul-2015. Three years to end 2014 wind was 42% of global primary energy growth
#31  26-Jun-2015. Challenges and solutions for wind and solar electricity grid integration
#30  17-Jun-2015. Texas on track for 17% power from wind. How do they do it?
#29  3-Jun-2015. US Government confirms what we know: wind is our cheapest option
#28  10-May-2015. SaskPower's 2030 wind plans compared with other jurisdictions
#27  7-May-2015. SaskPower's big wind announcements: 12% by 2030??
#26  5-May-2015. Ground and air pollutants from burning coal in Saskatchewan
#25  26-Apr-2015. More variable renewables = more reliable grid. Yowazah!
#24  13-Apr-2015. SaskPower says solar "very expensive". Maybe on the dark side of the moon
#23  18-Mar-2015. Report: renewable energy keeps power prices down
#22  3-Mar-2015. Breaking: new, non oily, Weyburn Oil Field discovered!
#21  17-Feb-2015. The rapid uptake of wind is desirable and possible: the US shows how
#20  7-Feb-2015. US wind energy production now exceeds expected Keystone XL energy output
#19  10-Jan-2015. The good news story behind the 2012-2013 fall in global investment in renewables
#18  19-Dec-2014. Boundary Dam - Cash flow analysis (former Wikipedia entry)
#17  12-Dec-2014. The health benefits of using wind energy to generate SK's electricity
#16  30-Nov-2014. Variability means wind turbines cannot meet SK's day-to-day power needs. Fact or fiction?
#15  2-Nov-2014. Boundary Dam carbon capture: Cash flows and data references
#13  9-Oct-2014. Cost of generation: wind and coal compared
#12  4-Oct-2014. Boundary Dam cash flow analysis
#11  30-Sep-2014. Another SaskPower bias against wind?
#9  17-Sep-2014. Wind/solar cost declines and global renewables growth
#8  7-Sep-2014. Wind energy and electrical reliability
#7  5-Sep-2014. Saskatchewan electricity monopolies stifling competition, innovation and growth
#5  7-Aug-2014. Wind and solar dominate US first half installations
#4  21-Jul-2014. Wind energy and electricity prices
#3  28-Jun-2014. First power from Canada's largest wind project
#2  28-Jun-2014. US introduces long awaited GHG regulations for power stations
#1  24-Jun-2014. A new name and a new strategy