2-OCT-2016. Estevan Mercury
SaskWind responds to Estevan Mercury views on the wonders of CCS and the failings of wind
20-JUL-2016. Medicine Hat News
The hat a hub for green energy?
14-JUL-2016. Prairie Post
Proposal for community-owned wind and solar project presented at Swift Current meeting
11-JUL-2016. National Observer
This wind and solar project could change the way Canada funds clean energy
11-JUL-2016. The Prairie Post
SaskPower holds the key to the potential of community-owned renewable energy projects
11-JUL-2016. CBC
Community-owned wind solar project pitched in Swift Current
8-JUL-2016. The Prairie Post
SaskWind proposing $90 million community-owned renewable energy project for the Swift Current area.
8-JUL-2016. The Western Producer
Sask. renewable energy project going public 
8-JUL-2016. Global News
SaskWind looks to bring 'first of its kind in North America' project to Swift Current
7-JUL-2016. SwiftCurrentOnline
Public invited to Learn About Potential Community Wind Project
24-JUN-2016. Leader Post
$90M wind, solar project would keep profits in Swift Current
17-JUN-2016. CBC
Sask. carbon capture plant doubles the price of power
30-NOV-2015. Leader Post, Star Phoenix
SaskWind corrects Whitaker's anti-wind statements
26-NOV-2015. Star Phoenix
SaskWind corrects MacPherson anti-wind statements
20-SEP-2015. Leader Post
The Enduring Lobby Power of Fossil Fuels
(Unpublished response to LP Editorial)
5-MAY-2015. Estevan Mercury
SaskWind replies to SaskPower
15-APR-2015. Estevan Mercury
Looking for balanced energy generation
31-MAR-2015. Grist.org
Turns out world's first "clean coal" plant is a backdoor subsidy to oil producers
30-MAR-2015. Star Phoenix
So who is really blowing smoke?
(Unpublished response to SP article - by Bruce Johnstone - criticising our Boundary Dam report)
31-DEC-2014. Global News Saskatoon
Harnessing Saskatchewan wind for energy.
29-DEC-2014. Star Phoenix
Winds of change need to blow in Saskatchewan
27-DEC-2014. Leader Post
Winds of change needed in province
29-NOV-2014. Star Phoenix
Wind Option Sound
22-AUG-2014. Star Phoenix
Monopoly is a Bureaucrat's Friend but a Democrat's Foe
15-JUL-2014. Star Phoenix
A Natural Idea Still Blowing in the Wind
11-JUL-2014. Star Phoenix
Wind Energy Project Switches Gears
9-MAY-2014. Star Phoenix
OpEd. Keystone XL Delay Targets Canadian Energy Policy
27-MAR-2014. Star Phoenix
OpEd. Push for CCS Misguided Policy
4-MAR-2014. Star Phoenix
Will SK Embrace Wind Power?
7-FEB-2014. Star Phoenix
OpEd. Locally Owned Wind Projects Makes Sense
Your Anti-Wind Hot Air Deflector
Coal Blown Away
Getting The Word Out on Wind Power



TO: Leader Post editorial team
Wind energy no longer just for hippies

TO: The Star  Phoenix
Time to get serious about developing wind power

TO: Leader Post
Coal no longer an economic generation option for Sask

TO: Bruce Johnstone (Leader Post).
Will time sort out BD3?

TO: Leader Post
Question re unpublished OpEd

TO: Carolyn Preston & Bruce Johnstone (Leader Post). Unpublished
Will time alone sort out BD3?

TO: Star Phoenix
Boundary Dam a waste of $1-billion of public funds

TO: SaskPower (Mike Monea)
Cost of CCS vs. Wind.
Article in Estevan Mercury

TO: Star Phoenix.
Provide Answers

SaskWind submission to City of Saskatoon Council

TO: SaskPower.
Boundary Dam CCS: Discrimination against wind, $1-billion subsidy for coal. Why?

FROM: SaskPower
Transmission Tariffs: Why Wind Pays More Than Twice As Much As Coal.

TO: SaskPower
Transmission Tariffs: Wind Pays More Than Twice As Much As Coal. Why?

From: SaskPower

To: SaskPower
Let's get specific

From: SaskPower
General answer re wind

To: SaskPower
Wind energy facts

To: City of Saskatoon
SCW submission

From: SaskPower
Rejecting our UPP

To: SaskPower
In support of our UPP