Cowessess - Saskatchewan

Cowessess during construction: early 2013

Cowessess during construction: early 2013

Dakota Power Community Wind, mentioned above, will be one of the largest community-owned wind projects in the world. Cowessess, located just outside of Regina, is one of the smallest.

This 800 kilowatt turbine generated its first power in March 2013. The project is owned by the Cowessess First Nation and has been funded by a $1.8-million equity contribution from them in addition to $4.7-million from other sources including Saskatchewan's 'Go Green' fund. 

It is an interesting research project because it is one of the first in North America to connect a wind turbine with a Lithium-ion battery. 


In a very limited number of off-grid applications there is value in wind-battery operations such as this one. However the reality is that adding a battery to a wind turbine substantially increases costs which is why it is rarely done. And this is why the electricity from this project will be more than three time more expensive than that which would be produced by several large, grid connected, wind turbines.

For those 99% of Canadians who are connected to the electricity grid, the grid itself acts as a very cheap and very effective battery for wind turbines. That is why - even though today there are approximately 6,000 wind turbines across Canada generating enough electricity for 2,000,000 households - the Cowessess turbine is the first in the country to be installed with a battery. 

Owner: Cowesses First Nation
Location: 4km. south-east of Regina
Year installed: 2013 
Number of turbines: 1
Capacity of each turbine: 800 kilowatts
Homes powered: 275
More information: Cowessess First Nation web-site