Source: SaskPower 2010 and 2013 Annual Reports, SaskPower press statements, Saskatchewan Community Wind estimates 


Based on trends in the generation mix in the last few years, as well as SaskPower's various announcements about new generation, it is possible to make some estimates about Saskatchewan's future generation mix. Those estimates are represented in this pie chart.

It would appear from this that SaskPower is substantially reducing the use of coal in power generation and replacing it with natural gas. The net result is that, for the forseeable future, the amount of generation from coal+gas will be unchanged at 75 percent. Generation from hydro-electricity will also be unchanged at about 18 to 20 percent.

New wind energy will be added in amounts which are so limited that they will not change the basic energy mix although they may serve to reduce the level of imports (which met 10 percent of electrical demand in 2000). There is currently no provision for solar or biomass.