Saskatchewan and Canada: Installed Wind Capacity 2006 - 2016


In the 11 years since 2006, when SaskPower installed the 83-turbine Centennial wind project, there have been no major new wind additions. As a result total capacity has increased by only 29 percent over the period. 

Over the same time frame and driven by the attractive and ever improving economics of wind energy, the rest of Canada has seen massive expansion in installed capacity: from 1,460 megawatts in 2006 to 11,908 at the end of 2016: an increase of 716 percent.  


Source: Canadian Wind Energy Association. SaskPower Report & Accounts 2009 & 2014 + 2015 press releases.


SaskPower's previous failure to install more wind energy despite our world-class wind resource and in the face of massive growth across the rest of Canada, North America and the World, represents a lost economic and employment opportunity.  However that appeared to change in 2015 with the arrival of their new CEO who promptly announced a major generation shift (towards wind) which was expanded in a formal policy statement in November.

Despite all the noise at that time, the November 2015 political statement has still not been converted into legally binding policy (as was done in Alberta) and there has been little activity in the 18 months since.