Source: UNFCCC National Inventory Report. GHG Sources & Sinks in Canada 1990-2014, Statistics Canada: 2014 Population - By Province and By Territory. 2016 - US Energy Information Administration '2014 State Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Sector.', US Census Bureau: State Totals - Vintage 2014.


The information shows per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, from power generation only, for the highest emitting Canadian provinces and US States. The data is for 2014 since that is the most recent year for which comparable data is available for both countries. 

Out of the 10 Canadian provinces and 50 US states, Saskatchewan has the seventh highest per capita GHG emissions at 14.1 tonnes. Alberta, the second highest Canadian province, is at number 11.

Also shown for comparison are per capita emissions for both the US and Canada. Canada's emissions, at 2.4 tonnes, are significantly lower than the US (6.3 tonnes) due to the very high use of hydro-electric power: it supplies just over 60 percent of Canada's electricity vs. 6.5 percent in the US.