Saskatchewan and China: Use of wind, solar & other renewables 2006-2015


This graph summarises the steady growth of wind and solar in China.  They have grown their resource from almost nothing in 2006 (0.1 percent) to surpassing Saskatchewan in 2013 and continuing rapid growth in the two years since. For background check out this excellent (June 2015) article from the China Economic Review. 


Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy (2016), SaskPower Annual Reports

Source BP 2016 Statistical Review of World Energy, SaskPower Annual Reports

If one also includes all renewables (mainly hydro but also biomass and geothermal) China has achieved steady growth since 2011 in the proportion of electricity from renewables.

In 2015, and for the first time, China surpassed Saskatchewan in the use of renewables: they generated almost a quarter (24.2 percent) of Chinese electricity vs. 17.3 percent in Saskatchewan. 

That's hard to fathom given our superior resource of wind, solar and hydro-electricity. Go figure.