Danish electricity from wind energy. 2006 to 2015

In 2015 Denmark used wind turbines to generate a world-record 42.1 percent of its total electricity consumption - up from 39.1 percent in 2014.

In 2014 Denmark led the world in the percentage of its total electricity generated by wind energy. And it now looks as though it will be doing the same in 2015!

Denmark's commitment to wind energy is not the result of accident and instead is due to careful policy design which originated from the 1973 OPEC  oil embargo that hammered their economy. After that experience the Danes vowed never again to be held hostage by global oil prices.


Source: Energinet.dk "New record breaking year for Danish wind power". 15-Jan-2016. NB Saskatchewan data for 2015 is an estimate as final data yet to be released by SaskPower.


These results are impressive but are only the beginning: Denmark plans to have an energy system which is completely independent of fossil fuels by 2050. Judging by the results achieved so far it looks as though they will get there too.

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