Saskatchewan renewables compared with the United Kingdom: 2006-2015


The UK has a population density which is more than 150 times greater than Saskatchewan's.  (263 people per square kilometre vs. Saskatchewan's 1.73).  Despite a comparable wind resource and an inferior solar and hydro resource, the UK nonetheless now generates 24.7 percent of their electricity from renewables (vs. 17.4 percent in Saskatchewan). 

Hmm. Looks like one of the two is not making a whole lot of effort...


SourceBP Statistical Review of World Energy (2016). SaskPower Annual Report (2010 & 2015)

Even more impressive is the growth in the use of wind energy: it now generates 12 percent of total UK electricity (versus 2.9 percent in Saskatchewan);

Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2016. SaskPower Annual Report 2015