The US has been steadily expanding the amount of its electricity sourced from non-hydro renewables. From 2000 to 2010 the most rapid growth was in wind energy although, in percentage terms, solar is now the clear leader. In terms of absolute amounts of electricity generated - wind energy remains in front and, at the end of 2014, provided the US with 4.3 percent of its electricity versus 2.7 percent in Saskatchewan - an amount which has been essentially unchanged since 2006.


Source: US Energy Information Administration: Electric Power Monthly;  BP Statistical Review of World Energy (2015); SaskPower  2010 & 2014 Report & Accounts


What is particularly disappointing to note is that Saskatchewan actually led the US in 2006. Since then the Saskatchewan market has stagnated while US growth has been spectacular.

Try these links for information on the leading US states and for details on wind usage for all states (the wind-by-state graph is at the bottom of this page). 

FYI - Saskatchewan generation by solar was less than one tenth of one percent hence hardly even registers but is nonetheless shown in purple above - but is only visible for 2014. SaskPower does not include generation from biomass as a separate line item in its annual report. In any event biomass cannot be more than 0.8 percent which is the amount shown as 'other' by SaskPower. For more on Saskatchewan's generation - try this.