Global installed wind capacity: end 2015  by land area. Top 20 Countries


This chart shows total installed wind capacity by land area. Also shown for comparison is the World average, Canada and Saskatchewan.


Source: The Global Wind Energy Council, the CIA World Factbook


Purists will note that some countries (notably Germany, Holland, UK and France) have substantial offshore wind capacity and, since the above comparison is based on land area only, that offshore data will skew the results to higher wind energy densities in those countries.

Fair point. However this is intended to be illustrative only. The key purpose of it is to show, given the very large land area of both Canada and Saskatchewan, the very low density of wind energy in those two areas (1.1 and 0.4 kilowatts per square kilometre respectively) relative to other countries. 

In short: in Saskatchewan we have lots of available land in which to expand our nascent wind energy industry.

For information on how much land is needed to host wind turbines - try this.