Saskatoon Wind & Solar Solutions is devoted to helping companies overcome whatever challenges they face on the road to sustainability. With the help of our experienced team and technological innovation, we are equipped to help businesses with this important transformation in the industry. We have taken it upon ourselves to…

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Wind and Solar

Wind and Solar

Gone are the days when private industrial and public utility companies simply witnessed the energy transition. These days, organizations from…

Energy Storage

Energy Storage

With energy transition comes strategic innovation. It has been delightful to see more affordable yet energy-efficient solutions out there. There…

Studies and Analyses of Power Systems

Studies and Analyses of Power Systems

It is imperative for institutional and industrial organizations to have an efficient and reliable power system to guarantee smooth operations.…

Our Sustainability Promise

Our Sustainability Promise

It is undeniable that the natural resources and energy industry is undergoing a transformation. Right now, sustainability is at the forefront of the green revolution. This has been accompanied by a stronger pressure on companies to have measurable and strong ESG performances.

News and Articles

Portable Wind Turbine for Camping

October 14, 2023

You’re out in the wild, surrounded by nature’s serene beauty, disconnected from the digital noise of daily life. Yet, in this modern age, staying connected while camping has become a necessity. We rely on electronic devices for communication, navigation, and even entertainment. Again, this is where a portable wind turbine comes into play to provide camping electricity.
In this article, we’ll explore the world of portable wind turbines. It will also discuss how they can transform your camping experience, providing sustainable power while keeping your carbon…

Is Wind Energy Cheaper Than Solar

June 21, 2023

As the world transitions towards renewable energy sources, wind, and solar power, as discussed by CanBio, have emerged as prominent contenders to meet our growing energy demands. When considering the affordability of these two renewable options, a common question arises: Is wind energy cheaper than solar?
This article will delve into the comparative costs of wind and solar energy, analyzing government and educational sources’ data to provide an informed perspective.
Understanding Wind Energy

What Renewable Developers Must Know About Interconnection

May 22, 2022

You probably want your existing renewable projects to survive the new era of clean energy. If this is the case, you need to master everything about the project development process from the get-go. This includes the interconnection aspects. If you ask us, it is important to possess three key mindsets: frugality, strategy, and shrewdness.

Designing a Solar Power Farm in the Arctic Circle

May 11, 2022

The Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation lives in the Old Crow community, about 800 km to the north of Whitehorse. Just like other remote communities, they want to bring down their reliance on fossil fuels by transitioning to solar power. With a goal of designing a farm with 350 kWh of battery storage and 900 kW panels, this is set to be the biggest solar installation in the Yukon.
Making it happen
BBA and 3eyond Consulting assessed different …

Noise Challenges Among Wind Farms

April 28, 2022

For quite a while now, it has been acknowledged that wind farms indeed come with a noise impact. The studies have clarified things. According to research, wind turbines might produce possibly harmful noise if they are installed near sensitive environments. It is a complex matter filled with challenges that everyone should pay attention to.

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