Wind and Solar

Gone are the days when private industrial and public utility companies simply witnessed the energy transition. These days, organizations from different parts of the globe have joined in on the fun and set targets to reduce carbon emissions. 

Many of them are doing this by transitioning to solar and wind power. Not only is this the more environmentally responsible course of action, but it is also proving to be economically sound.

Take a look at the list of wind and solar services that we offer. While there are numerous benefits to making the switch to clean energy, the road to sustainability comes with various challenges too. It is not easy, but it’s worth it. Below are a couple of challenges that Saskatoon Wind & Solar Solutions can help you overcome.

Prioritization of environmental sustainability

Social and environmental challenges are naturally built into development projects. In order to attain success, one must take into account related activities from the very beginning. While doing this, it is important to assess their impact on the local community and environment for better preparation.

Strategic investment planning

There is no one in the world who wants their development budget spent on a project plagued by failures and errors. This is the reason feasibility studies are so important. They allow you to evaluate all the different types of considerations to make, including social, environmental, and financial. 

It allows you to be informed and educated before you make the investment. By understanding the possibilities, you can optimize the project and reduce the likelihood of unwanted consequences from happening.

Easy grid connection

If you want a successful grid connection, you must have facilities that meet the established standards set by regulators and utility companies. Challenges and setbacks can be identified early on with the help of interconnection studies. The information from such research will allow you to create a feasible and reasonable schedule.

Leveraging the use of technology

A lot of companies have started to adopt digital technologies in the hopes of improving asset management. This allows you to optimize operations in many ways, although they will always carry some risks. 

Saskatoon Wind & Solar Solutions can help you check if new equipment will work with your current electrical facilities. By doing this, you can prevent outages and breakdowns from happening. It will ultimately help you save money, time, and effort in the long run.