Power Distribution and Transmission

The net-zero emissions target of Canada has pushed industrial organizations to aim for a switch to clean energy. Government programs are currently in place to connect neighborhoods, regions, and countries. There are many complex challenges faced by the energy industry, from old equipment to the need for grid extensions to the construction of hybrid systems.

Right now, businesses and companies should know that it is possible to have long-lasting and reliable electric grids. This can be made possible by transforming the processes involved in the distribution of power. It will not be easy as the following challenges must be overcome:

Modernization of the electric network

By modernizing the electric network, systems can be made more durable and productive. With the addition of clean energy sources, companies will be better equipped to meet the changing demands of the market and improve environmental performance. 

It is important to check for the compatibility of new technologies and installed conventional systems. We can help conduct front-end analyses and search for safe and energy-efficient designs.

Discover interconnection issues

With all the moving parts, it can be difficult to guarantee the success of power system interties. Among other things, you might face problems regarding power storage, renewable energy sources, and connections to industrial plants and grids. You can prevent these challenges by planning for them from the very beginning. A good development strategy will have in-depth studies of the system in advance.

High-voltage systems

Look no further if you need a team that is experienced in the design, study, and optimization of power studies. We know everything there is to know about distribution and transmission. Our experts offer support no matter where you are in the project life cycle. We also offer extensive knowledge when it comes to the standards set and enforced by the authorities.

Feel free to get in touch with us for all of your power quality, transformer, transmission, distribution and interconnection needs. We can also test and commission new systems for you and make subsequent recommendations if there are problems that may crop up in the future.