Industrial Power

With their significant power consumption, there are numerous companies trying to decarbonize operations by transitioning to renewable sources of energy. It will not be easy to achieve carbon neutrality and ensure access to an adequate and reliable energy supply. Luckily, there are technologies and companies that can help you with this. Saskatoon Wind & Solar… Continue reading Industrial Power

System Operators

The power grid dictates much of our economy and quality of life. System operators are deemed responsible for the proper management of it.  With the move towards the decarbonization of the energy market and rapid technological developments, it is now challenging to maintain the security and reliability of the grid while ensuring efficient supply. Right… Continue reading System Operators

Independent Power Producers

Shortened to IPPs, independent power producers used to be dedicated solely to supplying the public with utility electrical grids. However, they are currently diversifying their portfolio. With the shift to renewable energy sources, decarbonization is looking more and more feasible.  The renewable energy sector is seeing growth, widespread distributed generation, and efficient storage development. IPPs… Continue reading Independent Power Producers

What Renewable Developers Must Know About Interconnection

You probably want your existing renewable projects to survive the new era of clean energy. If this is the case, you need to master everything about the project development process from the get-go. This includes the interconnection aspects. If you ask us, it is important to possess three key mindsets: frugality, strategy, and shrewdness. Frugality… Continue reading What Renewable Developers Must Know About Interconnection

Power Utilities

There is a huge transformation underway in the energy industry. Private and public utilities alike are now subject to a complex landscape characterized by intermittent renewables, distributed generation, and movements towards ageing infrastructure and decarbonization.  It is time for us to rethink power generation, distribution, and transmission strategies. Integrated solutions are what is important in… Continue reading Power Utilities

Noise Challenges Among Wind Farms

For quite a while now, it has been acknowledged that wind farms indeed come with a noise impact. The studies have clarified things. According to research, wind turbines might produce possibly harmful noise if they are installed near sensitive environments. It is a complex matter filled with challenges that everyone should pay attention to. Social… Continue reading Noise Challenges Among Wind Farms