Designing a Solar Power Farm in the Arctic Circle

The Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation lives in the Old Crow community, about 800 km to the north of Whitehorse. Just like other remote communities, they want to bring down their reliance on fossil fuels by transitioning to solar power. With a goal of designing a farm with 350 kWh of battery storage and 900 kW panels, this is set to be the biggest solar installation in the Yukon.
Making it happen
BBA and 3eyond Consulting assessed different …

Noise Challenges Among Wind Farms

For quite a while now, it has been acknowledged that wind farms indeed come with a noise impact. The studies have clarified things. According to research, wind turbines might produce possibly harmful noise if they are installed near sensitive environments. It is a complex matter filled with challenges that everyone should pay attention to.

The Top Canadian Wind Energy Projects

Wind energy is important in our quest to reach net-zero carbon emissions. Ideally, we should install approximately 180 GW each year to retain global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius. This information comes from the 2021 edition of the Global Wind Report.
Canada has proven to be a world leader in the production and use of renewable power thanks to its diverse geography. Among other things, the North American nation boasts energy sources like hydro, wind, solar, and biomass.
Canada has only recently …