Independent Power Producers

Shortened to IPPs, independent power producers used to be dedicated solely to supplying the public with utility electrical grids. However, they are currently diversifying their portfolio. With the shift to renewable energy sources, decarbonization is looking more and more feasible. 

The renewable energy sector is seeing growth, widespread distributed generation, and efficient storage development. IPPs are seeing more opportunities right now, so it is high time for them to plan future projects accordingly.

Efficiently powering the grid

The grid is beginning to experience saturation from all the new projects popping up. A comprehensive approach is necessary to find the best locations for the interconnection of new storage or generation facilities. You must consider resource availability and constraints at both the regional and local levels.

Modernization of assets

There are already companies with outdated equipment in dire need of replacement or maintenance. It is time to modernize facilities to see an increase in production with the help of technological developments. Before adopting new equipment, you have to check if they are compatible with the current setup. This will ensure that there will be no outages and breakdowns.

ESG factors to create value

ESG, which is short for environmental, social and governance, factors impact business strategy and improve the short-term and long-term value of projects. Clients, investors, and stakeholders are in a position to benefit from this. On top of improving demand for clean energy, these concerns force industrial consumers to rethink their operational power sources.

How we can help

Our experts know the risks and issues that you might face. You can trust us to evaluate factors and develop your strategy for project execution. On top of that, we offer to help with operations and commissioning as well. Saskatoon Wind & Solar Solutions will guide you every step of the way.

It is our mission to attain maximum efficiency and meet regulatory requirements without forsaking health, safety, and well-being. You are guaranteed to benefit from the expertise of the electrical engineers on our team. We continue to enrich our practice and our passion for technological developments in the industry.

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