System Operators

The power grid dictates much of our economy and quality of life. System operators are deemed responsible for the proper management of it. 

With the move towards the decarbonization of the energy market and rapid technological developments, it is now challenging to maintain the security and reliability of the grid while ensuring efficient supply. Right now, it is incredibly important to establish strict standards within the industry.

System interties management

A system operator does not only ensure that the grid is balanced and facilitates energy exchanges, but they also look at capacities for transmission and distribution, load fluctuations, and cost management. This has become even clearer as energy sources become more intermittent and more difficult to adjust 

Introducing changes like new storage or intermittent clean energy calls for efficient interconnection regulations and strategies. Electrical grid studies and reliable data are necessary to get accurate models.

Support of new efforts and developments

The decentralization movement has been rendered possible by intelligent transmission networks and renewables. As you can imagine, this has resulted in new challenges. It has become more complex to manage energy exchanges between regions, jurisdictions, and systems. 

Holistic knowledge of these technologies is vital if you want to accelerate the process of decarbonization. You must optimize telecommunication and SCADA systems to ensure efficiency.

Digital transformation and cybersecurity

If you want to manage the whole power grid, you must increase efforts in planning and monitoring. This is a task that comes with the collection and analysis of a ton of data from different jurisdictions. Many digital solutions will help in the improvement of safety and process performance. 

While they are helpful, they involve cybersecurity issues as well. You should have a plan customized to your specific operations to protect your data and infrastructure.

How we can help

Saskatoon Wind & Solar Solutions has earned a reputation for possessing wide extensive knowledge of and experience in electrical grid studies. We only rely on the most advanced tools and software to create technology solutions that will address your needs. With our practical experience, we can help you modernize and manage your facilities.

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