Digital Power Systems

Without a doubt, power systems impact the performance, profitability, and safety of any business operation. Despite this, a lot of people continue to possess limited insight into the system. This has not stopped people from wanting to upgrade their power equipment and infrastructure to take advantage of the digital revolution. Luckily, there are numerous avenues for improvement out there.

Improving power systems

When you have a thorough understanding of the current state of a power system, you will have the data needed to optimize it. This can lead to better asset management and investment forecasting in the future. 

With a better system, you can make better investment decisions that are based on facts. You should consider adding real-time monitoring, customized reports, performance indicators, data historization, and predictive maintenance.

Better operations management

You can gain better performance with the utilization of industry-recognized technologies and standards. This can improve flexibility via system modularity, easier modifications, and interoperability. As you modernize equipment or install new systems, you can solve issues related to cybersecurity, sustainability, and reliability. This will, in turn, allow for the safe operation of the power system by restricting onsite work.

Planning, equipping and advising

At Saskatoon Wind & Solar Solutions, we collaborate with our clients so that they can have better knowledge of their power systems. This involves an assessment of infrastructure and the development of master plans focusing on their investment plans and priorities.

Our company is neutral when it comes to the selection of technological suppliers. That said, we guarantee that our clients will get the best outcomes when equipment is integrated into the existing infrastructure. We do preliminary testing of our solutions in the labs before we implement them to check for reliability, security, and interoperability. This has also been helpful for quick and efficient deployment.


Businesses will undoubtedly benefit from our expert knowledge. We can deploy specialists to the site right away to find appropriate solutions. Needless to say, safety and well-being are concepts that have been established in our practice on the site, in our designs, and even inside our labs.