Time investment. If at this stage you are interested in the concept but only wish to invest your time, then the material throughout this web-site should answer most of your questions. If after reading all that you are still interested we would greatly value your support and strongly encourage you to join our community.

If you have a specific question then we look forward to hearing from you:  check out our feedback form (on the bottom half of our 'Contact' page) to send us a question. We'll get back to you on the double. 

Cash investment. There are very attractive tax incentives available for individuals wishing to invest in profitable, Saskatchewan-based, enterprises. We are currently developing such opportunities but they do not yet exist. 

At the present time we are working on a number of community-owned wind projects in Saskatchewan - of these only one is public (Saskatoon Community Wind) and details of the others will be announced once we are further along in the process. None of those projects are yet at the stage where we are seeking investment from individual investors. 

We will  announce future investment opportunities as they become available. Sign up to our newsletter to stay abreast of developments! 

Please note: notification of any investment opportunity will be accompanied by a detailed financial prospectus that will contain comprehensive information on the potential financial risks and rewards.

CORPORATE. We would be pleased to talk with Saskatchewan-based financial entities interested in institutional equity or debt investment opportunities. Please contact