20% of Saskatchewan's electricity generated from wind energy by 2030.

Today there are 200 megawatts of wind energy across Saskatchewan or, approximately, 100 operating wind turbines. They generate less than 3 percent of our electricity - an amount which has been unchanged for the last 8 years.

Because of our world-class wind resource, there is no technical or economic reason why at least 20 percent of our province's electricity should not be generated by wind turbines. In fact continued inaction on wind energy and continuation of massive subsidies to coal and gas, is costing Saskatchewan taxpayers dearly - financially and medically.

Given expected growth in electricity demand for the next 10+ years, 20 percent of electricity from wind translates to an installed capacity of 2,000 megawatts by 2030 or 1,000 large wind turbines. These would generate sufficient electricity to meet the needs of 350,000 houses.

With the right political gumption and innovative energy policy changes, 500 of those turbines could be owned by communities across the province: this would be transformational for Saskatchewan's rural economies.